These aluminium tripod ladders are used by garden contractors and in nurseries in Japan.
Our customers consist of tree surgeons, topiarists, orchard owners, garden contractors and ordinary private gardeners.

They commend the stability and lightness of the tripod design.
The broad base, deep rungs and telescopic back leg, clawed foot pads and flat top are incredibly safe and easy to use.
Like the Eiffel Tower, the ladder is pinned to the ground because your weight is directed downwards and outwards.
The back leg can be adjusted to varying heights - total height range is 2 feet - by adjusting the spring-loaded pin, so that the ladder can still be positioned in a stable manner (without wobbling) on uneven terrain.
Welded aluminium construction: weatherproof, strong and light. The double rungs provide easier footing, which prevents them from getting muddy or slippery. They are also deep, so that your weight is well distributed, which, in turn, makes it less tiring to stand on the ladder.

We import them from the Japanese manufacturer, HASEGAWA Kogyo in Osaka.
We have 4 models in stock.
Hasegawa is reputed as manufacturing the best quality and safest ladders currently available.
The ladders are manufactured according to Japanese industrial standards.
Ask gardeners in Japan which ladders they use and they all say the same: Hasegawa
All ladders come with a user’s manual and factory sticker.

These ladders are indispensable for topiary and trimming hedges.
You can put the back leg in the hedge, so you can work either from the front of the hedge or alongside it, i.e. parallel to it.
The fact that they are adjustable (3 legs), stable (broad base) and convenient (double rungs) means that you can use all the time necessary to finish off any work as it should be done without having to hurry.
This is ideal for picking fruit and pruning in the orchard, where you can easily reach the crown of the trees, thanks to the back leg.
The ladders are welded, and not riveted, which makes them much stronger and exceptionally light

• stable tripod design
• perfect for trimming large hedges
• adjustable third leg for use on uneven terrain
• uncomplicated and safe spring-loaded system
• lightweight and weatherproof.

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